About Gaetano Sacco

Gaetano SaccoGaetano Sacco is passionate about the areas of music and philanthropy. His professional career is occupied with work in the financial services industry. When he has free time, he may be found playing his guitar or lending a hand to valuable causes.


As a resident of the Hoboken area of New Jersey, Gaetano Sacco has been known to volunteer with the Catholic Church. The Saint Peters and Paul Church is one establishment that he selected to give his time. He is the chair of their Events Committee. He gives his planning efforts to organizing their annual Gala and more.


Gaetano Sacco is a self-taught musician. He specializes in guitar, where he began playing acoustic. After joining a band of peers, Gaetano decided to make the bass guitar his instrument of focus. The band goes by the name of the Country Club Drive. They perform throughout the tri-state area at well known venues.


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